Welcome Post

Hello everyone! Welcome to my wellness blog. As long as I can remember, writing has been a passion of mine, but I find I enjoy it much more when I can write about the things that actually interest me. Over the last few years, my lifestyle has changed significantly. I went from working in a cubicle 40+ hours a week, to working on my feet as a massage therapist. This drastic career change has not only made me a thousand times happier on a daily basis, but it has allowed me more freedom to focus on myself and what I want out of this life. I’ve always wanted to be a writer (Harriet the Spy was my favorite movie as a kid), and these days, blogs are the best way to get your voice out there. To me, a wellness blog made the most sense given my current career path and interests, so here we are!

As I get further into adulthood, it’s becoming more apparent how important a healthy lifestyle is. The term “healthy lifestyle” can mean different things to different people. To some, a healthy lifestyle is signified by a number on a scale. For others, a healthy lifestyle means hitting the gym every single day, and having impressive glistening muscles to show for it. Because of the different connotations of the word “healthy,” I like to use the word “wellness.”  Wellness is a much broader term that encompasses a variety of topics such as food choice, exercise routine, mental health, relationship health, daily habits, work life, and much more. Overall wellness is my idea of a “healthy lifestyle.” For me, wellness is achieved with a careful balance of my daily life choices, which can mean what I eat, say, think, or do. I was diagnosed with anxiety about 10 years ago during my first year of college, and since then I’ve been doing my best to manage it naturally. When my body and mind are out of balance, whether the cause is physical or mental, I try to recognize what needs to change in order to restore balance, and do something about it. Throughout the last 10 years, I’ve learned a lot about anxiety, the human body, and what it takes to keep everything balanced and working properly. I’ve gathered a significant pile of knowledge and some great natural tricks that really worked for me.

I started this blog to share my wellness knowledge and advice with those who are willing to read. I will post articles with health tips, advice, opinions, or just information that I’ve come across and found useful. Writing makes me happy, so in the end, this is a place for me to share my interests and my happy. Please feel free to comment and share anything that you find useful or interesting, or don’t!

Thank you for clicking,

Samantha Lynn